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Greg Windham
Greg Windham
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Listen to sound bytes from She Knows What To Do by clicking here.

And here are some pictures from Greg Windam's Summer Tour of Europe

Greg Windham was released on newly formed Barrister Records in July, 1999, with the single "Highway 98". After playing on more than 500 stations nationwide, including some Top 40 and Adult Contemporary, his album, "She Knows What to Do" was released November 8.

Selected by CDX for distribution to all country stations in the country, including their once-a-year release to She Knows What To Doreporting stations, Barrister released on November 8, the title cut, "She Knows What to Do" and a Christmas release from the album, "Christmas in an Airport".

In just eleven days, handled by Jan Woods Promotion, "She Knows What to Do" was playing on 435 stations nationwide. It then climbed its way to number 49 in the New Music Weekly national charts where it stayed for three weeks before finally falling out in March, 2000.

His latest release, "In My Book" is getting worldwide recognition. Not only is the song number 45 in the New Music Weekly national charts for the week of June 5, 2000 after just six weeks, but Greg was recently listed at number 86 in the top 250 most played independent and major country artists in the world.

A native of Alabama, Greg is married with two sons, Garrett, 13, and Griffin, 5. He is 34 years old, a graduate of Florala High School, and received his B.S. in Special Education in December, 1999 from Troy State University. He lives in Andalusia, Alabama.

Here's an un-edited E-Mail to Barrister Records...

Dear Barrister Records.

My name is Peter Rouch and I´m a country dj from Faroe Islands National Radio in Europe, where I have a program called "Roots & Rhythm" playing country music old and new. I´m a member of the CMA, and in my job, I often get free CD´s sent from various sources. I seldom react to them, though I often play them, but I feel I must react to your CD Greg Windhams "She Knows What To Do", which arrived recently. This is simply the best debut CD, I´ve heard for ages and ages (well actually since Conway Twitty put out "Sings" in 1966!). Conway was my very favorite country singer and before that he was my favorite rock´n´roller, so I´ve always had a soft spot for his imitators. But I feel that Greg Windham is not an imitator,  but a unique talent with a feel for country music, that I haven´t heard in ages and that should make him a superstar.! I enjoyed the CD right from the opening track through "Highway 98". This is a CD that I certainly will play time and time again.Thanks again.