Barrister Records

   Barrister Records was founded in 1999 by Wes Laird and Lamar Morris. Being that Wes is an Alabama Trial Lawyer and a barrister is a counsel admitted to plead at the bar and undertake the public trial of causes in an English superior court, Wes and Lamar felt it was an appropriate name for their company since they are undertaking to plead their case for country music to the public.

   Wes and Lamar are songwriters and have written together since 1998. Currently, there are three artists signed to the Barrister label, Greg Windham, who has recently placed two singles in the top 50 nationally, Lamar Morris, who is scoring with a hit Wes and Lamar wrote in Europe, "I Can't Help Myself When it Comes to You", and Detroit singer Kristyn Smyth.

   Wes and Lamar have produced newly released CDs by both Kristyn and Lamar.

   In addition to producing and writing for Barrister artists, Wes and Lamar have two publishing companies. Endless Highway is an ASCAP company and Nokyasoxoff publishes for BMI. Lamar and Wes collaborated for Greg's first two hit singles. Lamar was the co-writer of Hank Williams, Jr.'s first number one hit, "Eleven Roses" and has had records recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Martino, Sonny James, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Duncan, Mel Tillis, and many other country music artists.